DocuSign eSignature: How To Sign a Document
Watch this video to learn how to sign a DocuSign document after receiving an email requesting your signature.
How do I access the DocuSign documents that I signed?
To view, download, or print documents you've signed...
Alternative Signing Method Security Code Access
Access documents with the 33-digit security code provided...
Troubleshoot common signing issues
Read this article to learn how to resolve several common issues a signer can run into while signing a DocuSign envelope.
Best Practices for Submitting Electronically Signed Forms to the IRS
Best Practices for Submitting Electronically Signed Forms to the IRS. Taxpayers have the option of using electronic signatures for Forms 8878 and 8879 if the soft...
What happens to a users data once the user is closed?
When closing a user, it will affect access to certain user data. Learn more about: Sharing Envelope, Templates, Custom Fields and Reporting
Where is my latest billing and invoice information?
As an Admin, you can access,view or download invoices in your DocuSign account.
Support for DocuSign CLM
Need CLM Support? Sending a contract or any other type of document for electronic signature couldn’t be easier using DocuSign CLM.
DocuSign Print Driver Retirement Announcement for versions prior to 3.6 on September 1, 2022
DocuSign is announcing retirement for all releases of Print Driver prior to version 3.6 on September 1, 2022. Action is required to update Print Driver to the lat...
When checking connectivity to DSA's REST API with Firefox or Chrome the connection may fail.
When checking connectivity to REST with Firefox or Chrome and firmware version 8.51 the connection may fail
How to View a SAML Response in Your Browser for Troubleshooting
SAML Trace steps for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari & Internet Explorer for SSO
How to Send Envelopes From a Generic User Using Custody Transfer Rules
User logins shouldn't be shared, but you can send envelopes from a "generic" or "company" email address/user by employing Custody Transfer Rules.
Known driver libraries supported for signing with signer-held digital certificates
Lists of the known supported drivers for signer-held devices to be used in DocuSign on Windows and Mac OS computers. If the driver is not in this list and you're ...
Do DocuSign envelope notification emails expire?
DocuSign is increasing the security of our email notifications by automatically expiring links to envelopes after 5 accesses or 48 hours.
Print Driver FAQ
Read this article to learn about common DocuSign Print Driver questions, issues, and troubleshooting.
Print Driver - An error has occurred. Please try again
Unable to log in to Print Driver: Common Issues and Errors
Error: "Unable To Create The Envelope" When Using a Template
This error can be caused for many reasons but it's usually a permissions conflict between the user/account and properties of the template.
How to resolve a document upload error by printing the document to a new PDF
How to resolve a document upload error by printing the document to a new PDF.
How do I disable fax signer attachment?
Using resource files for account branding must be enabled for an account.
SSO - How to perform a mass-reset of Federated IDs
How to clear the NameID values for all users logging in via a specific Identity Provider when the NameID Format is changed within the Identity Provider, such as c...
DocuSign Developer FAQ - eSignature API
DocuSign Developer FAQ about eSignature API and Legacy Authentication Depreciation.
Data Protection Rights
Subject to certain exceptions, you have a right to have access to any personal data that DocuSign, Inc. holds about you. Find out more about how to proceed with a...