How do I update my email address in my DocuSign account?

Getting Started

Has your email address changed? Do you need to update it? Select your scenario from the list below to learn how to resolve your situation:

Possible cause(s) for email change issues

I can still log into my DocuSign account

If you can log into your DocuSign account, then you can use the Change Email Address guide to make this change.

NOTE: You do not need access to the old email address in order to change the email address of your DocuSign account. You will need to verify access to the new email address, but the only email we send to the old address is an informational warning that the email address was changed.

Email address change does not go through

When changing your email address, take care to follow the steps in the Change Email Address guide carefully. If the change does not seem to go through, it's most likely because you were still logged into your DocuSign account when you confirmed the email address change. You must log out of your DocuSign account before you confirm the address change in the email change notification.

I can’t log into my DocuSign account, but I have access to my old email address

If you still have access to the old email address but lost access to your DocuSign account, you can follow the Reset Password Steps to regain access to your DocuSign Account. Once you can login, you can use the Change Email Address guide to update your email.

I can’t log into my DocuSign account, and I do not have access to my old email

For security purposes, password resets can only be sent to the email address on an account.

  • If possible, request to temporarily regain access to the old email. If your old email is a company email, you can create an internal IT help ticket. Your company email or domain administrators have access to close and create new profiles under the same email address, and therefore take over your old email account. Once they access your email inbox, they will be able to receive a password reset email from DocuSign. Once you’ve reset your password, you can login to your DocuSign account again and use the Change Email Address guide to update your email.
  • Contact your DocuSign Administrator - How can an administrator change a user's email address?

If neither of these work, you can contact DocuSign Support to see what other options are available to you.


The options available to DocuSign Support depend on whether your old email address is a public email domain (ie,,, or a corporate one. If you have a corporate email address, then we can work with your account administrator to correct the address.

If your old email address is on a public email domain, unfortunately DocuSign Support will not be able to help you regain access to the account. At DocuSign we take your privacy and security seriously. Since your email is a key part of your DocuSign identity, changing your email without proof might result in leaking your account information to malicious parties. If you cannot access the inbox of your email, then the only way we can verify your identity is by having the domain owner approve the change on your behalf. In the case of corporate email addresses, that is typically someone in your IT department. In the case of generic email domains, there is no secured way for us to validate your identity.

If you still have access to your DocuSign account, you can change your email address by going to your user profile.

If you no longer have access to your DocuSign account but have access to your email, then you can choose to reset password when you login and regain access to your account. Once you do that, you can go to the User Profile to change your email.

If you do not have access to either your email or your DocuSign account, then you have to create a new account. You can create a new Signing account for free at

Sent documents not appearing in your account

Changing your email address does not modify any documents currently in your account. You can still access all documents that were previously sent and received at the old email address. Notifications for new documents which you send, are sent to the new email address.

In order to receive new documents at your new email address that are sent from other senders, be sure to instruct them to use your new email address. If they send documents to your old email address, provided you have access to the email account, you can still view and sign them. But since your account now uses a new email address, those documents will not appear in your account.