How do I send a PDF with form fields?

When you start a new document, if you upload a PDF that has form fields, DocuSign recognizes and converts the fields to DocuSign recipient fields.

To add a PDF with form fields

  1. Start a new document as described in Start a Document, and upload the PDF with form fields.
  2. To add the recipients and messages, follow the regular procedures described in Add Recipients and Add Messages.
  3. Click NEXT >.

The Add Fields view appears with your document, showing the FORM FIELDS DETECTED panel on the left. The converted PDF form fields have a blue outline.

  1. To assign the converted fields to a recipient, do one of the following:
  • If your document has only one recipient, select ASSIGN in the Form Fields panel.
  • ​If your document has multiple recipients, select the ASSIGN drop-down and select the desired recipient.
  1. To convert the contents of the form fields from the original PDF form into a permanent, read-only part of your document, select FLATTEN.
  2. To delete the converted fields from your document, click DELETE FIELDS. All of the form fields, and any data they contain, are removed from your document.
  3. Colored flags on the pages in the Page Guide indicate that assigned fields exist on the page.
  4. When you are finished preparing your document, to send it, click SEND. To save a draft without sending, click OTHER ACTIONS, and then select SAVE AND CLOSE.