Why didn't I receive an Account Activation Email?

Welcome to DocuSign 

After signing up for your account, you should receive an activation email from DocuSign. This email is sent for security purposes to verify your email address. 

What does the activation email look like?

The email is sent from our automated service. 

Subject Line:  Action Required - Activate Your DocuSign Account
From: DocuSign via DocuSign (*@docusign.net) 

 Activation email example

Didn’t receive the email? 
If you did not receive your account activation email, check the following:

Incorrect Email Address
Did you accidentally enter the incorrect email address? It happens to the best of us. Please make sure you entered a valid email address when signing up. If for any reason you made a mistake, don't worry - just return to the sign-up page and re-register for your DocuSign account with the correct email address. 

Check your email Junk or Spam folder.​
  1. If the DocuSign email is located in these folders, mark the email as not-junk or not-spam.    
  2. Add the following email addresses as Safe Senders (aka Trusted Senders) your email client. These are the DocuSign system sending email addresses:
  •         dse@docusign.net
  •         dse_demo@docusign.net
  •         dse_na2@docusign.net
  •         dse_na3@docusign.net
  •         dse_eu1@docusign.net
  •         dse@eumail.docusign.net
  •         dse@camail.docusign.net
  •         dse@aumail.docusign.net
  •         dse_staging@docusign.net      
  1. Advanced steps - you can forward to your IT department. 
Once you have confirmed that these steps have been taken, you may need to request the Admin to resend the activation.