Release Notes

April 2020 eSignature Release Notes
Sending brand logo customization applied to emails generated by the DocuSign eSignature sending experience
Remove an account from a Display Appliance Pool
Enable witness signing setting was moved
March 2020 eSignature Release Notes - Production
  • Trust Site Enhancements
  • New Signed By certificate is now available 
  • Org Admin Name Change
  • Enhancements for the Appliance Pools pages in DocuSign Admin
  • New administration options on ID Verification menu on Demo
  • Allow an envelope clone action which retains recipient-entered data
  • Agent Intermediary Ramp 
February 2020 eSignature Release Notes - Production
Notice: Deployment to Production is scheduled for Friday, February 7, 2020
  • Account Site ID is now displayed on the Billing and Usage page in eSignature Admin
  • New Sending Settings check boxes are available in eSignature Admin
  • New Security Setting is available in eSignature Admin
Trust Site
  • New Signed By certificate is now available
  • New IP Range
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