Hi everyone, my question is if I do a template how I can attach some PDF to the another user to them download it, signing and then upload it. Because I have some some documentos to fill it, but all of them are generic so I want to put this documents on the docusign in order to the other users download it, fill it and attach them on the docusign. I found the supplemental documents but this tool only allow to see and not download the documents.

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I implemented SSO through Azure AD for our organization. Instead of simplifying the logon process, it has added numerous steps to the logon process. I'm wondering if there's a better way.

First and foremost, I would like to skip the DocuSign sign-on step altogether. When forcing everyone through Azure, I'd like to go directly to the Microsoft logon instead of having to enter your email address not once, but twice then click the "Company Logon" button. This is way too much. We use Azure for ServiceNow and SharePoint, and it's always a simple redirect to the Azure logon.

Secondly, when opening a document from an email, it's even more cumbersome a process. They really need to simplify this.


Has anyone found a workaround for this?

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Sometimes it stops midway through loading a document and can't get to a 100% load.  How can you avoid this?

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Watching the video it appears I dont have the "new" button on my home screen that allows you to upload a document.

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Hi.  I have a document that has to be signed by the same five people every time I use it.  Is there a way to create a signature 'set' so that every time John, Amanda, Lou, Jen, Bob are listed in that order automatically (I would put the signature flag) but having to type their names every single time?


If not, Docusign should get on this -- many of us have same signing lists all the time.




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