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I'm on a Mac. I used DocuSign to have my clients sign a document, then I downloaded a PDF of the document to my hard drive. The signatures on the document show the time of the signing correctly, but the Date Modified field of the document on the computer's hard drive shows a time of seven hours in the future. 


My computer's clock is set to the correct time. 


Any thoughts?

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I recently created a custom integration on the NetSuite platform that leverages the REST API to send custom contract documents through DocSign. The solution is working as expected and I am using the DocuSign connent Suitelet to update Envelope information i.e. from (sent to completed). The whole process works great, however the solution leverages a single DocuSign account to send DocuSign envelopes for all users. This works as I discovered I can simply share the envelopes of the centralized account with all other users so they have account to the documents sent from the centeralized account. Now the question has come up, would it make sense to have each individual user logged into NetSuite use their account account for sending DocuSign envelopes rather that a centralized account? Seems like it would be possible, but messy because instead of sharing a single (centralized) sending DocuSign account with all users, I'd then have to share all user accounts amongst each other. How might I accomodate the end-user's request and still keep account Management within DocuSign streamlined?

Thanks in advance!

Martin Franklin


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I have a question about a template I created a few months ago. The templates first recipient populates data on the documents within the envelope and then two rcipients that must sign follow. When I originally designed and tested the template, the signers were only able to see only their form(as intended) and were able to edit the optional fields the first recipient may have filled in on their respective form. I just tested this and the signers can no longer edit any optional fields the first recipient could optionally fill out. Was this impacted by the Spring '18 release or is this functionality no longer offered? 


Thank you for your help in advance!


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I'm in the process of getting into real estate and pretty much everyone I've been working with (agents and builders) utilize docusign.

I had an option to save each document by creating an account initially, but didn't have the time.  I've just created an account and saved the last few, but I would like to go back and save the previous documents I've signed.  

There doesn't appear to be an obvious way to do this from the view completed document there a way to save them to my account?

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Is there a way to set the reminders to where we don't have to set them each time we send a document?   In other words we'd like to set them to these below so we don't have to set them each time.  We pretty much would stick to these numbers.   I want to say in the older version they may have already been on the screen and all we had to do was click a box to send them.  However, I don't recall. 




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