I'm will be grateful if you could help me figure out a solution for a below case.

In one of our templates, we need to get from our customer information about Billing country and if it's an EU member VAT ID. Both fields need to have a write-back enabled to the salesforce (opportunityid>accountid>billingcountry or VAT ID).

Dropdown lists don't enable write back to SF Meanwhile with the custom field the problem is that exact rule cannot be created simply because there are too many possible entries (28 EU members). I have also tried to play with data validation so that the Country field can be filled in only in a given format (Capital letters) however still a number of possible entries is too big to successfully create conditional logic.

While using radio buttons or dropdown list (EU member? with options "yes" and "no") we "trust" customers that they will select it properly which is not always the case... The process is 100% automated so that if there is wrong information on the form signed, then wrong information will be on the invoice which we cannot afford. We don't want to engage signers to verify if the selection is correct.

Does anyone have a similar problem? What's the solution you're using in cases when there are several values that need to trigger a field to pop up?

Michał Nawrocki

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I started a new DocuSign document today, and was typing my email in the Message section, when all of a suddent I (apparently) ran out of room.  It would not type any more at all.  I tried combining paragraphs, but that didn't really help.  I'm finding this very frustrating as this customer needed all of the information I included in the message.

I'd appreciate any help you could give.

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Hi.  I am a new user to DocuSign, and am the Administrator for our site.  We have 10 users, and I would like to get a total number of envelopes that has been used by all of our users.  When I go into the Billing and Usage section, it only appears to have my usage - but not the usage of all of our users.  Does someone know how I can get this information?  Thank you.

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Docusign seems to be geared toward the sender creating a document and adding fields for signature and then sending.  I am trying to flip this by following a common flow in the real world which is.  I receive a document (say an invoice) in PDF (rather than paper).  I "stamp" it with my authrization stamp that includes account information and a signature that I add.  Then I send it on to my finance org with my authorization to be paid.  Is this not possible even with or without development?

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My template merges fields with SalesForce.  I tested a template on laptop and it works perfectly. When I try to create an envelope from my ipad through Salesforce, the document will not appear on the review screen.


Any suggestions?

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