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Does anyone know of a way which forces/converts recepients entries as/into captial letters. Do I have to perform a custom valdaition? 

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Does any one have sample validation code I can use to limit a text field to exactly one letter (A-Z) character? Thank you.

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Dear team,

I have to pay more for the extra fee, how can I pay for it with my visa card ?
Thanks !

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I created an envelope and sent it to 200 contacts

I want to see a status report for a specific envelope. but as i can see all reports are filtered by date and envelope status...

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So I had a contract fall through, I then tried to go back into the record to re-do the same contract, as the customer had a fall through on a contingency of their home selling and they found another buyer.  When I tried to re-send the document I get an error message saying that I have duplicate recipients and it will not send the new contract.  I expect it is because DocuSign does this as part of fulfilling all parts of the original contract, but is there a way around this?

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