We use the rest api (https://demo.docusign.net/restapi) for sending envelopes. When a 'signer' declines the envelope, the sender receives an email containing a default subject ('Declined: <original subject>'). We would like to change the email subject to a custom text (only when declined).
Is that possible? If so, how?

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Does anyone know if and where it is possible to change the page size of the envelop summary PDFs from a US letter paper format to standard ISO/DIN A4.


"By 1977, A4 was the standard letter format in 88 of 148 countries. Today the standard has been adopted by all countries in the world except the United States and Canada."

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As a system administrator in Dynamics 365 CRM I'm trying to enable DocuSign actions for entities. But when adding the actions on the entities, the changes appear to be saved, but after refreshing the page, the actions are not saved. 

This is a known issue: the cause is that my Dynamics 365 CRM tenant is in a language different than Englist (Dutch). 

I tried the workaround as explained in this article (https://support.docusign.com/en/articles/DocuSign-for-Dynamics-DocuSign-actions-not-staying-enabled-for-entities) but it didn't helped. I created a new security role named "System Administrator" and added this role to my user. I logged out and logged back in many times but I'm still not able to enable the entities.

Does anyone else have an idea on how to fix this?

Many thanks,

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It doesn't appear that there is a way to turn off sending attachments in completed emails per template but rather it is an account setting that will affect everyone. We have a department that would like to use DocuSign but they don't want signers to receive attachments in their emails. Do you know if something like this exists, or is it a feature request?



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Is there a feature request in place to update all previous signers (not just the sender) with the reason why a document was declined by a later signer?

Prevous signers can go look at the Certificate of Completion to see why a later signer declined to sign (if the later signer entered a reason), and the sender receives the reason in email from DocuSign about the declining action, but other signers have to go out of their way to look this up in the Certificate of Completion.

Since this information is available but tedious to acquire, it would seem more efficient if the previous signers were informed as to why the later signer declined.

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If you have branding and resource files available for your account, you may be able to achieve what you want by adding [[Data:DeclineReason]] to <data name="EnvelopeDeclined_HtmlBody"> and <data name="EnvelopeDeclined_PlainTextBody"> in the email resource file.

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