I was once able to add pre-checked boxes to signing envelopes. Now, when I add the checkbox, there’s no guarantee the checkbox will be checked. There’s no option in the app to pre-check it or add a radio button to require one of 2 options be selected. If I have to get to a desktop, the app becomes almost useless. What are my options to ensure my signers to make a selection?

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How to send email to enduser on single click , i dont want to go  next stage .Once i hit the send with docusign button it ll be attached templete with field what i ll be created  and  along with last name send the recepient 

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Hello Everyone,

I have one more question you know when you send and envelope normally recipient receives and email that says in the subject for example "Pedro via DocuSign" in this case the subject has two elemts "Sender´s Name via DocuSign".

There is any way to change this?. For example instead of receive email with name "Pedro Via DocuSign" receives an emmail that says "IDB Group via DocuSign" without change my name in my profile, just change the subject in the email.


Will apreciate very much your help



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I was wondering if anyone is using the Smartsheet + DocuSign Lab and if they can provide some insight on what you use it for and how does it work for you.  I really need a easier to merge the two for reporting.  Thank you for any information.

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My usecase is to save a copy of completed / signed document to ECM using a rest call.  I am able to write the file to ECM but when I open, i get a blank document with "At least one signature is invalid".

I am using NodeJS with modules AXIOS and FORM-DATA to write file to ECM and I am using demo account for testing, here is the code i have used:



let bodyFromData = new FormData();
console.log('PDF Bytes converted: ', Buffer.from(curntDoc.PDFBytes.toString(), 'base64').toString('ascii'));
bodyFromData.append('file', Buffer.from(curntDoc.PDFBytes.toString(), 'base64').toString('ascii'));
bodyFromData.append('Content-Type', 'application/pdf');
console.log("bodyFromData: ", bodyFromData);

headers: bodyFromData.getHeaders()
}).post(path, bodyFromData).then(response => {
var parsedBody = response.data;
console.log("Count: ", parsedBody.Count);
console.log("Success: ", parsedBody.Success)
if (error.response) {
retStatus = { 'statusCode': response.statusCode };
}).catch(error => {


I am not sure, the conversion of PDFByte array to string causing the issue or any other settings on Docusign causing the issues.


Thanks in advance.


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