We are having challenges with the connect configuration. Enable TLS and Require TLS options are both checked in the configuration. Here is the error.

163678 Failure Config. Error - The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. 

Its working fine if we turned of requirement for Client cert. But that is not an option for us. Please advise.

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Is there a way to resend the envelope to different email address using the rest api? Original envelope sent using 



"status": "sent",

  "templateId": "bcaccf96-4a9d-45df-9bf2-11f16ca418cc",

    "templateRoles": [


      "email": "test@test.com",

      "name": "test",

      "roleName": "Member"     

    }  ] }


/v2/accounts/{accountId}/envelopes/{envelopeId}?resend_envelope=true - Allows the resend but what is the format for sending it to different email?



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Andrew McBride

Oh then you want to Correct the envelope. You can do this through an API Correct function, or you can simply log into DocuSign and do it from there using the DS console correct function. Either way works but most people go the console route because it doesn't usually make sense to write API code for a one-off Correction.


Hope this helps.

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I cannot delete an imported template (x10). 

In the sandbox area, I have 3 accounts dev/smoke/uat. We have a website in place that starts of the signign process based on templates that live in each account, connecting via APIs. all working


As I progress from dev to smoke to UAT I export each template and import them into the next account from the saved zip file.


In the new account they dont appear in the "My template" folders but do in the "all templates" which seems odd

anyway as I import a new version it does not override but creates a new template. So when I try to delete the old. It all looks good and moves it to the "deleted" folder. 

However when I log out and in again. its back where it started "All Tempaltes"


I have manually created a template, logged out. logged in, deleted it, logged out, logged in and it works fine

So it seems to only be these imported templates. 

I'm thinking its to do with the different account thing.


Has anyone got any ideas??




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NA1 Feynman

If you go to your Admin Console, do you have the Custody Transfer option available in the left sidebar?  If so, as a workaround, you could try transferring the template to another user in the account and then have that user delete the template.  

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I autoplaced about 75 checkboxes and when I mark ONE they ALL check.  How do you fix this?  Useless as is.


Please help.

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I sent a document on 2-21 and the status shows Voided

The same document shows up as waiting for others on 2-22, but when I click on the document, it is signed.

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