Why are documents not attached to the 'Completed' email notification?


After signing is complete, a 'Completed' email is sent to all participants. Generally, this email contains the signed documents as attachments. In this case, the email does not contain the documents as attachments.

Diagnosis or probable cause

The first step is to determine if attaching completed documents to the envelope is enabled for the account.

As an account administrator, login to the DocuSign account and choose Go to Admin from the menu accessible next to the user profile picture.  Under the Signing and Sending section, choose Signing Settings.  Verify that Attach documents to completion email​ is selected.

If the issue persists, it may be an issue of file size.  There is a 5 MB limit on documents attached to the 'Completed' email. If the total size of the documents is over 5 MB, the separated PDFs will not be attached to the completed email notification. Please note that the number of pages is not related to the file size; the file size is a direct result of the amount of data in an envelope. The resolution that the document was scanned into a computer can also affect the file size.

Note: Even if the document that is uploaded into the envelope at creation is under 5 MB, the completed PDF size includes the footer, header, and all DocuSign fields that have been completed on the document by signers. This can drastically increase the size of the document.  If the completed document from the DocuSign Web Application is not larger than 5 MB, please contact our customer support team for further troubleshooting on specific case-by-case occurrences.


If the documents are not attached to the email, you can still view and download them.

To view or download the documents, review this article: How do I access the DocuSign documents that I signed?