Sign and Return a Document with the DocuSign Mobile App for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

The following steps will show how to sign your own documents. This workflow should be used for any document you need to sign yourself that does not need the signature of others.

To sign your own documents:
  1. Log in to the DocuSign mobile app and tap Create.
  2. Tap the document source icon to upload a document. You can select from scan, photos, templates (DocuSign) library (IOS), and other cloud services.

Note: You can add multiple documents to any envelope. Repeat this process to add any additional documents. 

  1. Select Next and tap Me. 
  1. You will then be directed to the tagging screen. Tap and drag tags onto the document.
  1. When you are done tagging the document, select Finish in the upper right corner. You will have 3 options:
    1. Finish and Close: Finish signing and return to the documents tab in the DocuSign app.
    2. Finish and Email: Finish signing and email a copy of the document to another party.
    3. Finish and Open in App: Finish signing and share the document with another app on your device.