How can I find an envelope in my account using the envelope ID?


  • I have the Envelope ID of an envelope that I need to locate within my account.
  • I have a large number of envelopes to search


  1. Select the Inbox or Sent folder.
  2. Enter the complete envelope ID in the Search field at the top of your Envelopes list.
  3. Optionally change the search filter to search All dates.
  4. Press Enter.

Common Issues 

What if I'm not sure the ID is correct?
Make sure the structure of the ID is correct, including 4 dashes.

What if I know the ID is correct but I get no results?
You may not be the sender or the recipient of the envelope and the envelope is not shared with you.

What if I get no results but I know the envelope was sent from my account?
Ask an account administrator to run an envelope report that exposes relevant data, such as a sender, recipient list, or subject line, and the envelope ID.


Where do I find my envelope ID?
How do I confirm my envelope ID is valid?
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