How do I upgrade or change my DocuSign plan?

Certain DocuSign account plans allow you to upgrade directly from within your DocuSign account.

You must be a DocuSign Account Administrator to make changes to your plan.
  • If you do not see the option to upgrade, you may need to contact your
    • DocuSign Account Administrator
    • DocuSign Account Manager
  • If you do not see the plan type that you are looking for, DocuSign has a variety of plans to choose from to fit your needs.

Note: If you have purchased your DocuSign account subscription through iTunes or Google Play please follow the steps outlined in the following:

Upgrade Steps

  1. Log in as the DocuSign Account Administrator.
  2. Select Admin from the top menu. If Admin is not available, click My Preferences from your profile dropdown.
  3. Under Account, click Billing and Usage.
  4. Once under Billing and Usage, you should have the option to upgrade.
  5. For additional details, see the Billing and Usage Information Guide.

How do I buy a plan for more than one user?

If you need multiple users:

  1. If you have previously purchased a single-user plan online, you can add users in the product at an additional cost per user after you activate your account.
  2. DocuSign has a variety of plans to choose from to fit your needs.
  3. Please contact our sales team.

How do I add features to my account?

You must be an DocuSign Account Administrator to access and change account feature settings. 

DocuSign has a variety of plans and features to choose from to fit your needs.

If you do not see the feature that you are looking for:

  • Individual - Administrator
  • Individual - User: Contact your DocuSign Account Administrator to request the feature.
  • Enterprise - Administrator: Contact your Account Manager.
  • Enterprise - User: Contact your DocuSign Account Administrator to request the feature.


How do I link my individual account to my enterprise account?

To link the accounts, the email address for both accounts must be the same. To learn how to change your email address:

How do I downgrade my account to free or close?

Rather than closing your account, we generally recommend downgrading accounts to a free version. This will enable you to retain access to your existing completed documents, however, it will limit your ability to send future documents.

If you close your account, we recommend that you download all of your documents, as they will not be accessible after cancellation/closure.



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