FAQs related to correcting envelopes in DocuSign

Who can correct envelopes?

Only a sender can correct an envelope they've sent.

If you are a signer and have questions regarding the documents in the envelope, please contact the sender. You can simply "reply to" the email notification to contact the sender of the document.

How do I correct an Envelope?

As a sender, please review this guide for instructions on correcting an envelope:

When can I correct an envelope?

You can correct the information in a sent envelope that is in the in process status. You cannot correct envelope in the completed or voided status.

When should I correct an envelope?

This can be helpful if an envelope was sent to the wrong email address or routing order was used in the original envelope. You can also add or remove fields for signers who have not yet signed.

What do signers see when I correct an envelope?

  • Recipients that have already signed will not receive an email notification.
  • Un-notified Signers will not receive an email notification regarding the correction and will be able to sign normally.
  • If an incorrect email was specified and you correct the recipients email; the original email recipient will be notified that they no longer have access when clicking REVIEW DOCUMENTS in the original email.

I have multiple recipients, some of which have already signed. Can I still correct the envelope?

You can correct an envelope for recipients who have not yet signed if the envelope is in process. Any signers who have already signed prior to the correction will not see the changes or be prompted to sign the document again.

A recipient already signed, but I forgot to place a field for them, can I still correct the document?

You cannot correct anything (fields, documents, recipient details, etc.) for a signer who has already signed.

Why can't my signer access the document I've corrected?

When correcting a document, ensure that you complete the process by either clicking Correct or Discard Changes. If you open a document to correct and close your browser without saving the changes, your recipients will not be able to access the document.