Email and Passwords

I am having trouble logging in
Learn how to resolve login issues: security lockout, password reset, browser stored passwords, SSO, multiple accounts
How do I reset my password?
Getting an Invalid email or password error. Need to change your password? Read this...
How do I update my email address in my DocuSign account?
If you've recently changed your email address, you can update it in your account easily. Follow these steps to learn how.
Why didn't I receive an Account Activation Email?
If you did not receive your account activation email, check your junk folder.
Reset a DocuSign CLM Password
Learn how passwords are changed and reset for DocuSign CLM users.
DocuSign CLM Admin: Users Cannot Reset Password
Common scenarios and settings which will guide an administrator to a quick resolution for DocuSign CLM login issues.
Activation email not received after registering for the Signature Appliance Trial
When registering for the Signature Appliance Trial, an activation email is not received.
Users Migrated from Standalone Gen to DocuSign App Launcher Gen Cannot Give App Permission
DocuSign Standalone Gen Migration to DAL Gen: Possible User Activation Issue
Reset a DocuSign CLM.CM Password
Reset Password lets users create a new password if they have trouble logging in. Reset Password also gives administrators the ability to change a user's password ...
Why haven't I received an email verification code?
If your password has expired or you are trying to reset it via Forgot Password, DocuSign needs to send you an email including a one time verification code before ...
Why am I being prompted to Select a User at login?
If you have multiple DocuSign accounts you may be prompted to select the username of the account you are trying to access.
What is My Profile?
My Profile is a place where you can update the information related to your DocuSign account.
How do I Resolve Error - There was an error changing email, please try again later
When users are attempting to change their emails they’re receiving an error “There was an error changing email, please try again later”.
Change Your Email Address - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
You can change the email address on your account from your Personal Information preferences.
Change Your Password - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
You can change your password at any time from your Personal Information preferences.
Signature Appliance Trial - How to retrieve lost username and password?
Retrieving a lost username and password when using the Signature Appliance Trial
Error Invalid XML Request at DocuSign Login
Error when trying to log in to DocuSign.