Why am I having a problem with changing my email address?


The change email process doesn't seem to be working. The previous email address is still visible in the account.


Log out of your DocuSign account before you click the CONFIRM EMAIL ADDRESS link in the confirm email notification. If you don't log out, you are returned to the login screen and your old email is still set for the account.

Changing the email address associated with DocuSign should be done carefully. Your email address is used to:
  • Log into DocuSign.
  • Receive envelopes with enclosed documents.
Once you have completed the change,  Envelopes that you have sent and received:
  • Will still appear in your envelopes list.
  • Notifications about these envelopes will be sent to the new email address.
If someone sends you a new envelope to the old email address:
  • DocuSign will send a notification to the old email address.
  • It will not appear in the envelopes list of this account.

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