How do I open a case in the DocuSign Support Center?

Steps to open a support case from the DocuSign Support Center

  1. Visit the DocuSign Support Center at
  2. Click SUPPORT LOGIN on the top right.
Login DocuSign Support Center
  1. You will be prompted to log in using your DocuSign email and password. If you have multiple DocuSign accounts with the same email and password combination, you can easily switch between them once you log in. Click the account actions drop-down arrow next to your profile image and select Switch Accounts.
  2. Click MANAGE MY CASES button.
  3. Click ADD NEW CASE button.
  4. RequiredEnter a descriptive Case Subject. The page will suggest relevant articles and posts based on your subject to help you find an answer. If you do not find what you need, proceed to the next step.
  5. Optional: Enter additional detail in the following fields as it will help ensure that the DocuSign Support team handles your request in the most efficient manner.
    1. When did the issue begin?
    2. Has the issue occurred before?
    3. How many users are affected?
    4. Envelope ID
  6. Required: Enter a descriptive Description. Try to be as specific as possible regarding your issue, date of its occurrence, any error messages, etc. For additional detail please read: What information is needed when engaging DocuSign Support?
  7. Optional: Click ADD ATTACHMENT button to upload a single attachment. Note: you will be able to additional attachments once the case has been opened.
  8. Click SUBMIT.
SUBMIT button
  1. You will get a prompt indicating that your case was successfully created. Simple click the x to dismiss.
Created Support Case Notification

Congratulations, your case has been created and you will see your case number and overview. You can now...

  • Add attachments
  • Add watchers to view case progress
  • Add additional case comments, as needed

You will receive an email which includes a link to your case. Do not reply to this email. 

What to expect... 

After working with your Customer Support representative and your case has been deemed resolved, you will have five days to ensure your issue has been fixed. After five days your case will automatically close. 
If you continue to experience the same issue please add a comment to the pending case. This will re-open it and notify your support agent.  
Once a case has been closed you cannot re-open it. You will receive an email indicating its status. However, you will still be able to see all the cases you have opened in your case queue and may reference any relevant case numbers as needed. 
Check your case records by logging into your support account and clicking MANAGE MY CASES from the dropdown next to your name on the top right.