Blank white page when attempting to log into DocuSign


When attempting to log in to or, upon entering a username and password, the DocuSign web application hangs, presenting just a loading .gif or a blank white page.  

Possible Cause

DocuSign has found the most common cause of this problem to be related to the currently installed antivirus software on the PC being used to attempt the login.  


DocuSign cannot make any recommendations or accept responsibility for changes to your antivirus software. When speaking to a representative our only recommendation should be to speak with either your local network/IT professional within your company or (if this is for personal use) to reach out to the antivirus provider for support. While there may be local solutions that can resolve this problem, DocuSign cannot make these recommendations for you. Some examples of local solutions are:

  • Using a new antivirus software
  • Temporarily disabling your antivirus software
  • Whitelisting DocuSign's domains and/or IP ranges

Again, DocuSign can not make the above recommendations and suggests you speak with your local IT/Networking professional and/or the antivirus software provider before implementing any changes.  

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