Authentication Error - Login information provided does not match


Authentication Error
The login information provided does not match the account for this envelope. Please try again and login with the same email address where you received this envelope.


This error occurs when there is a mismatch between the account being used to log in and the account a notification was addressed to. Most commonly, this happens when a DocuSign notification is forwarded to another party.


DocuSign notifications are not intended to be forwarded. If this is a completed document to be passed on to others, a recipient of that envelope will need to download the signed PDF and provide that instead. If this is an in-process document that needs to be signed by someone else, please contact the sender to have them Correct the envelope and address it properly.

To prevent this error from occurring, the sender can add anyone who will need a copy of the completed document as a Carbon Copy recipient. Each CC recipient will receive their own notification that will allow access to that document.