DocuSign CLM Admin - Users Cannot Reset Password

Reset Password provides the ability to create a new password. There may be instances when a user has difficulty resetting their password or receiving a password reset email.

Listed below are common scenarios and settings which will guide an administrator to a quick resolution.

Not Receiving Password Reset Email

User management starts with the Address Book. Upon logging into your DocuSign CLM account, choose Address Book from either the GO TO or navigation menu.

Run through the following checklist to verify a user is eligible to receive a password reset email:

  1. The user is shown as Active within the Address Book:
    • Active user - icon will display with color
    • Inactive user - icon will display in light grey

    A user is deemed Active upon initial login. You can resend an account activation e-mail from the Manage menu.

  2. Login Name has been populated with a unique value:

    Only Super Administrators or User Administrators can create users and set the usernames. End users can not set or choose the username

    Login Name

  3. User has entered a valid email address:

    Verify the user’s email address is correct – if incorrect, the password reset and activation emails will return as undeliverable.

    Note: this field cannot be modified. If a user is created with an incorrect email address, or the user's email changes, the user should be deleted and re-created. We do not allow modification of the email address due to security considerations.

  4. Allow Password Login is set to Yes or Default (Yes):

    Allow Password Login is often set to No for users that access DocuSign CLM via Single Sign-On only. You may need to change this setting to Yes in cases where a user needs to use non SSO enabled methods for accessing DocuSign CLM, such as WebDAV or SFTP.

    Allow Password Login

  5. User is Enabled:

    Often used for contract or temporary work, the Enabled To/From can be set to provide access for a determined period. If set, confirm the user is still within the enabled timeframe.

  6. API Only User is unchecked:

    API Only Users can only access DocuSign CLM through the API. These users do not have a login name or password.

  7. Portal Only is unchecked:

    Portal Only Users can only access DocuSign CLM through the Salesforce File It portal widget. These users do not have a login name or password.

Salesforce user cannot reset password

Administrators which create new DocuSign CLM users via Salesforce User Sync, may encounter users who are unable to reset their credentials using the Password Reset tool.

By default, users created through User Sync do not have a Login Name. Reason being that most Salesforce users will interact with DocuSign CLM via the File It widget on the Salesforce object itself. For users who need direct login access to the platform, a unique Login Name must be assigned.

Once a unique Login Name is set, the user will be able to reset their password using the Password Reset tool on the main login page(s).

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