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How can I find an envelope in my account using the envelope ID?
Learn how to search for and locate the Docusign envelope in your eSignature account using the envelope ID.
How do I send a Docusign document?
Read this article to learn how to send a Docusign document for eSignature.
I am having trouble logging into my Docusign account
Read this article to learn how to resolve login issues caused by a security lockout, password reset, browser stored passwords, SSO, or multiple accounts.
Docusign Rooms Video Guides
Transform every step of a complex deal into a simple digital process with Docusign Rooms.
Change your Docusign plan
Learn how to upgrade or downgrade your Docusign account subscription, or to cancel or close your account.
Downgrade or close your Docusign account
Read this article to learn more about whether you should close or cancel your Docusign account, downgrade your account, or simply manage your Docusign account sub...
Billing FAQ: Docusign eSignature
Answers to commonly-asked Docusign account billing questions such as how to request an invoice, how to change credit card information, or how to change the billin...
Sign a document | eSignature
Watch this video to learn how to sign a Docusign document after receiving an email requesting your signature.
Access Docusign documents that you already signed | eSignature
To view, download, or print documents you've signed, read this article.
FAQ: Docusign signing
Answers to common questions from first-time signers.
How do I reset my Docusign password?
Read this article if you need to reset or update your Docusign account password.
How do I update my email address in my Docusign account?
If you've recently changed your email address, you can update it in your account easily. Follow these steps to learn how.
Locate your Docusign account activation email
Read this article if you did not receive your account activation email from Docusign.
Update your payment information
Docusign has a few payment options available: Credit Card, Paypal and Direct Debit. Note:You must have account administrator privileges to update the billing info...
Why are documents not attached to the Completed email notification?
Document attachments are defined by the account administrator on the sender's account.
Use a Security Code to access Docusign documents
Access documents with the 33-digit security code provided.
Check Docusign envelope history | eSignature
Read this article to learn how to check an envelope's history.
Does my Docusign subscription plan automatically renew?
To provide uninterrupted service, your monthly or annual Docusign subscription renews automatically on your billing anniversary date.
Docusign Refund Policy
Read the Docusign Refund Policy to learn more about upgrading, downgrading, closing, and cancelling a Docusign account, and how to request a refund. If you downgr...
How do I create a template in Docusign?
Streamline your workflow by creating a template.
Where do I find my Docusign account number?
Read this article to learn how to locate your Docusign account number.
Sign and Return a Document with the Docusign Mobile App for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
Learn how to sign and return a document from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, follow these steps.
Send a Document for Signature with the Docusign Mobile App for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
Follow these steps to send a document for signature with the Docusign Mobile App for iOS.