Help with Billing
Admin Billing and Usage Information - New DocuSign Experience
Access your account billing and usage details. Make changes to billing information. Download an invoice.
How do I upgrade or change my DocuSign plan?
Steps to help you make changes to your account plan
How do I downgrade my account to free or close?
Steps to help you downgrade or close to your DocuSign account plan
Automatic Renewal of DocuSign Plans
In order to provide uninterrupted service, your monthly or annual DocuSign subscription automatically renews on your billing anniversary date to the latest equiva...
DocuSign Refund Policy
When you sign up for a DocuSign plan, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions for Use of DocuSign Service Plans. This agreement contains important information ...
Where is my latest billing and invoice information?
As an Admin, you can access,view or download invoices in your DocuSign account.
How do I update my billing address?
Review billing information on your DocuSign account.
Understanding Your DocuSign Invoice
As the administrator on your DocuSign account, you have access to certain billing and usage details.
What happens to my envelopes if I change plans?
If you are upgrading or downgrading your own plan, you keep all your envelopes, as long as your account is open and active or you can download completed documents...
Why is my credit card charge denied?
Credit cards are typically rejected because the card is invalid in some way.
Account Suspension FAQs
The most common reason is that your renewal period has come up, and your credit card information is out of date.