Understanding Your DocuSign Invoice

SAMPLE INVOICE - Standard Invoice

Dates: Dates are denoted in United States convention (MM/DD/YYYY)

Subscription / Item: These are used for DocuSign internal records

Description: The service level or product being purchased

Service Period: The 30 day period of service. If the period displayed is less than 30 days, it may reflect an account change made during the monthly service period.

Quantity: The number of seats included in the purchase.  If this is not a whole number then your billing was calculated to ensure you are given the full amount of envelopes purchased spread out evenly over your subscription period.

Unit Price: The price per seat.  The unit price of a line item reflects the annual cost of that item. Any service period of less than one year gets calculated at a daily prorated rate. Therefore the Unit Price may be manipulated in order to make the Extended Price match your contract based on a prorated service period. This MAY NOT always match the Unit Price stated in the contract.

Extended Price: The sum of all seats included. The Extended Price should agree with your order form regardless of the Unit Price given.

SAMPLE INVOICE - Invoice with Promotional Discounts

SAMPLE INVOICE - Invoice with Account Changes and Proration

If there is an account change done in the middle of your monthly billing cycle there will be a credit line item for the prorated unused portion of your original order for each product/service listed. This could be followed by a charge to reflect your prorated portion on your new order form.

Important Note:  In some cases these line items may appear on separate invoices depending on your billing cycle date and the start date of your new order.
The above invoice highlights the following events:

  • The account was downgraded on 8/18, in the middle of a 30 day billing cycle (8/14 to 9/14), resulting in a proration credit.
  • The initial billing cycle covered 4 days at the original amount, prior to the downgrade (8/14 to 8/18)
  • The unused portion of the original order is calculated as a credit of $54.19 (2 seats at $30 per seat for total charges of $60, of which 26 / 30 days are to be credited). Please note accounts with multiple changes can result in the specific calculations appearing incorrect. For example the original $60 charge at 26 days from 30 equals $52 rather than $54.19. The main focus of the invoice is to ensure the extended price is correct.
  • The new charge for two seats at $10 per seat on the new order form is also billed at the prorated amount for the 26 days for $18.06
  • Because the tax for the original purchase was greater than the tax for the new purchase, it was also refunded as a credit.
  • The next billing cycle will reflect the charges of $20 (2 seats at $10 per seat) plus tax offset against the current credit balance of $39.57.


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