Why is my credit card charge denied?

Credit cards are typically rejected because the card is invalid in some way. DocuSign rejects a credit card charge for the following reasons:

  • The wrong credit card was used. DocuSign accepts the following credit cards: Visa and MasterCard. American Express is also accepted in select countries.
  • The credit card has been cancelled.
  • The credit card has expired.
  • The name on the credit card does not match the name on the account.
  • The phone number entered is not formatted correctly.
    • Incorrect: (999)555-1234
    • Correct: 9995551234
  • The billing address on the DocuSign account does not match the address on the credit card. The billing address must be associated with the credit card—both addresses must be the same.
  • A recent charge to DocuSign puts you at or over your credit card limit. Please check with your credit card company for your account balance and details.

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