System Issues
Issues Uploading Documents - Common Errors, Causes and Solutions
Common errors, causes and how to resolve related issues uploading documents into the DocuSign's web app.
Dynamics 365 error: Didn’t receive a response from the DocuSign.DocuSignRequest plug-in within the 2:20 minute limit
Customer facing error: Didn’t receive a response from the DocuSign.DocuSignRequest plug-in within the 2:20 minute limit
Why aren't my signers receiving DocuSign Notification emails?
Signers not receiving DocuSign notifications? Check these tips...
Why am I getting an error for a payment gateway configuration issue?
As a sender, if you get an email notification stating "Due to a payment gateway configuration issue, payments for the following envelope may not be completed" rev...
DocuSign for Salesforce 7.0 Custom Button Error - This page requires a CSRF confirmation token
Error "The link you followed isn’t valid. This page requires a CSRF confirmation token. Report this error to your Salesforce administrator."
Error when Sending: Document overlay line must have a positive value for 'line.y1''
Error when Sending with Line Markup Tool: Document overlay line must have a positive value for 'line.y1''
Why am I getting a payment failure?
Payment failure means that in between authorizing and charging a recipient, the card/bank account may have been canceled, expired, etc.
Why does my signer get the error "Envelope Not Accessible" when they try to open an envelope?
Access while correcting. If recipients try to view an envelope while you are correcting it, they get a message that it is not accessible, and that it is being cor...
Print Driver Version v3.x - “Envelope Locked”
Standard behavior in the app if an envelope is opened in the browser
Print Driver v2.x - Templates only matching for one user
Print Driver v2 - Templates only matching for the user creating the templates
Issues with tagging in Internet Explorer
Occasionally, customers using Internet Explorer (IE) may experience issues when trying to drag and drop tags. To resolve this issue, proceed with the following st...
Microsoft Office - Quick Parts and Formulas not displaying expected results
Microsoft Office file data like Word Quick Parts and Microsoft Excel formulas or functions using system or file data not displaying expected results
DocuSign for Salesforce - Error: Attempt to de-reference a null object
Error when trying to send using any DocuSign button from Salesforce, including the standard button.
Internet Explorer 10 Support - Sunset in December 2017
To provide a more robust and secure experience to our customers, the New DocuSign Experience will remove support for Internet Explorer 10 in the December 2017 ser...
DocuSign For Salesforce - System.CalloutException: IO Exception: Exceeded max size limit of 6000000
Salesforce has an API callout limit of 6mb. DocuSign for Salesforce can work around this, but if the setting is disabled an error may occur.
Why aren’t my reminder settings being honored?
Discusses how Reminder and Expiration settings are handled, and how to troubleshoot unexpected behavior after updating these settings.