Why am I getting a payment failure?

What is payment failure?

Payment failure is when funds are not transferred from the payer’s account to the payee’s account after the payment has been authorized. This is usually because the payer’s credit card or bank account has been canceled, closed or expired between payment authorization and payment transfer.  After payment failure, the recipient whose payment failed is again added to the signing order of the envelope with the failed payment. In order for envelope completion to proceed, the recipient must complete the payment - all the other information, signatures, and initials the recipient provided are preserved.


Payment failure in an envelope with a Payment Item field

An email notification with subject “Please re-submit payment information” is automatically sent to the recipient whose payment failed.  When the recipient clicks the link in the notification, the recipient enters a signing session with all previous fields complete. (The recipient doesn’t need to sign again.) After the recipient clicks Finish, the recipient can submit payment again with a valid credit card or bank account.

Please resubmit payment information

Payment failure in an envelope with a Payment Item field for embedded signers

For DocuSign integrations where recipients are paying within another application (known as “embedded signers” or “captive recipients”), when payment failure occurs, an email is sent automatically to the sender with subject “Error with payment capture – {Envelope Subject}.”
The sender then has two options:
  • Void and resend the envelope
  • Generate a new recipient signing URL for the newly added recipient and present this link to the recipient however they choose. This is the same link as in the email sent to non-embedded signers. Given this link, the recipient will be able to resubmit payment.


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