DocuSign for Outlook - Why are my options grayed out when attempting to use the DocuSign for Outlook integration?


When I attempt to use the DocuSign for Outlook integration, the options are all grayed out. 
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Possible Cause

The email has not rendered or cannot be displayed.
There is no attachment on the email. (Only impacts the older downloadable version of the DocuSign for Outlook (Windows) integration)  


In order for DocuSign for Outlook to present its options, the email itself must be rendered. This means that you must access the DocuSign options from the email itself (not your inbox) or you must turn on the Outlook Reading Pane so that the email body is displayed while still in your inbox. This can be adjusted in Outlook 2016 by clicking "View" in the ribbon and then selecting "Reading Pane" and choosing the option "Right" or "Bottom".
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Also, in some older versions of the DocuSign for Outlook integration, it is required that the email have an attachment for options to be displayed. If you find this to be the case, DocuSign recommends upgrading to the current version of the integration. It can be found here.  

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