**Legacy** DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce - Unable to Create Merge Fields/Envelopes Not Writing Back


Unable to create merge fields in DocuSign as checking the box for "Relate to Salesforce" returns with a message stating that it cannot locate the Salesforce fields.

Envelopes are not writing back to Salesforce.


This issue most often occurs if your DocuSign Connect Salesforce configuration has incorrect or outdated Salesforce credentials. The best way to resolve this is to update your current Salesforce credentials in Connect to ensure DocuSign and Salesforce can communicate:

1. Log into DocuSign eSignature as an Account Administrator.

2. Click the Admin tab at the top.

3. On the left-hand column, under the Integrations section, click Connect.

4. Click Salesforce from the Connect Configurations.

5. Click Reconfigure Login.

6. Update Salesforce Credentials with an Active Salesforce Administrator then click Connect to re-establish the connection.
      * If you are utilizing a Security Token or Rotating Token, ensure you add the Token to the end of your password.

7. Click Save at the top or bottom of the Connect for Salesforce Configuration page to save your changes.

TIP: If you are utilizing a Rotating Security Token, your Connection will disconnect every time it rotates. We highly recommend having a user within Salesforce that has a static password that does not change to preserve the connection.