Unable to Create Merge Fields/Envelopes Not Writing Back


Unable to create merge fields in DocuSign as checking the box for "Relate to Salesforce" returns with a message stating that it cannot locate the Salesforce fields.

Envelopes are not writing back to Salesforce.


1. Log into DocuSign (account.docusign.com) as an Administrator.
User-added image
2. Click the profile menu in the top right hand corner

3. Click Connect on the left side
User-added image
User-added image
4. Click Salesforce from the Connect Configurations
User-added image
5. Click "Reconfigure Login"
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6. Update Salesforce Credentials with an Active Salesforce Administrator to re-establish the connection.
      * If you are utilizing a Security Token or Rotating Token, ensure you add the Token to the end of your password.

TIP: If you are utilizing a Rotating Security Token, your Connection will disconnect every time it rotates. We highly recommend having a user within Salesforce that has a static password that does not change to preserve the connection.