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Initial general troubleshooting

Uploading/adding documents

Once you start an envelope, you add the files that you want your recipients to review. DocuSign eSignature supports a wide variety of file formats. When you upload your files, DocuSign converts them to PDF format for sending and storage.

Quick Steps

  • Ensure the file is one of the supported file formats.
  • Confirm file size is less than 25 MB.
  • File is corrupt. Try opening and saving document as a PDF before uploading.


Issues uploading documents - common errors, causes and solutions

Page cannot be displayed error

When you upload your files, DocuSign attempts to convert them to PDF format for sending and storage. This error is triggered by embedded images or document formatting attributes that our system cannot display properly.

Quick Steps


Page cannot be displayed

Email notification issues

DocuSign email notifications may be blocked by your recipient's email server, firewall, email provider, or email client.

Quick Steps

  • Ask the recipient to check their junk mail.
  • Confirm email with recipient and resend.
  • The recipient must trust all emails from


Why aren't my signers receiving DocuSign notification emails?

Need to resend envelope

The resend/remind feature is useful for these situations:

  • Your recipients have deleted or lost the original notification email
  • You want to remind the outstanding recipients to DocuSign your document
  • You added recipient authentication to your document and the recipient fails the validation process; resend gives them another chance to pass the authentication challenge

Quick Steps

There are two ways to resend a document:

  • Resend an envelope to all outstanding recipients
  • Resend an envelope to just one recipient


Resend Envelopes

Need to correct envelope

Currently, correct is only available to users with paid DocuSign plans. Free accounts cannot use the correct feature. In addition, some accounts have only a more basic correct feature, which supports correcting some of the recipient information only. 

Important: you can only correct in-process envelopes. Once an envelope has been completed; you can no longer take action.

Quick Steps

  • From the Manage page, locate the in process envelope for which you want to correct information.
  • Click the action menu and select Correct.
  • The Envelope Prepare view appears, with the status Correcting and you can edit the files, recipient information, and fields


FAQs related to correcting envelopes in DocuSign
Correct Envelopes

Recipient authentication failure

Recipient authentication is an option you can set for individual recipients, requiring them to provide additional information to prove their identity. You can select one authentication method for any of the recipients for a document. Recipient authentication is not required; you choose whether or not to apply this feature.

Quick Steps

  • Use the remind feature to send a new notification email and give them another chance to pass the validation step.


Recipient authentication

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