Why aren't my signers receiving DocuSign Notification emails?

There are several reasons recipients may claim to not receive email. The most common being the emails are getting redirected to their email clients spam/junk folders or they are being blocked by his/her ISP or firewall. Everyone’s email server settings, spam control, firewall, and anti-virus settings are set up differently. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do as the sender to resolve this beyond trying an alternate email address. Or reaching out to the signer to have them check their spam folders. 

Occasionally, DocuSign Email notifications may be blocked by either your recipient's email server, firewall, email provider, or email client (such as MS Outlook). Below are some steps to help prevent this behavior. Once your recipient has confirmed that these steps have been taken, you may need to Resend the envelope in order to send a new notification email.

Auto-forwarding of emails may also cause issues as DocuSign can only ensure the notification reached the email that is was sent directly to. If the signer is still not receiving the notification email, you can try to resend the document to them at an alternate email address on a different email provider (i.e. Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc...) 
  1. Ensure your recipient checks their DocuSign emails are not simply landing in their Junk or Spam folder.
  2. Have your recipient add the following email addresses as Safe Senders (aka Trusted Senders) and in his or her email client. These are the DocuSign system sending email addresses:
  • dse@docusign.net
  • dse_demo@docusign.net
  • dse_na2@docusign.net
  • dse_na3@docusign.net
  • dse_eu1@docusign.net
  • dse@eumail.docusign.net
  • dse@camail.docusign.net
  • dse@aumail.docusign.net
  • dse_staging@docusign.net
  1. Ask the recipient to request that their IT department allows emails from the domains @docusign.net & @docusign.com