Send Envelopes

Disabling Comments on an Envelope - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
If you don't want recipients to be able to comment on documents in an envelope, you can disable comments through Advanced Options.
Document History and Certificate of Completion - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
The History and Certificate of Completion provide a complete audit trail on your document, and include a record of all activity related to your transaction.
Add Documents - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
Add documents to an envelope. Upload the files for your recipients to review and sign. Add files from your local machine or a cloud storage provider, such as Goog...
Signing Groups - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
Signing groups enable you to send a document to a predefined group of recipients and have any one member of the group sign your document. When you send a document...
Position Fields Using Location Coordinates
Field location coordinates can be used to get and set the precise position of a field.
Supported Fields and Properties for Offline Signing on DocuSign Mobile Apps
Understand supported tags (fields) and their properties for offline signing with DocuSign for Android, DocuSign for iOS, and DocuSign for Windows Phone
Advanced Offline Signing on DocuSign for iOS
Instructions on how to download envelopes to DocuSign for iOS and host an in-person, off-line signing session.
Preparing Envelopes for Advanced Offline Signing on DocuSign Mobile Apps
Instructions on how to create envelopes and add fields to documents so your recipients can sign in person, offline, on mobile devices (DocuSign for Android and Do...
Basic Offline Signing on DocuSign for iOS
How to download documents to your iOS device and host an in-person signing session while offline.
Going Offline and Online with DocuSign for iOS
How to enable and disable Offline Mode in DocuSign for iOS.
Envelope Custom Fields - DocuSign eSignature Admin Guide
Envelope custom fields are used to classify, record, and track information about envelopes. Field labels are shown to senders and are not seen by recipients.
How do I pause auto-navigation in an envelope?
Learn how to make signing auto navigation stop at a given location / bookmark in a document.
Bulk Send and Standards-Based Signature Types
You can use bulk send with standards-based signature (SBS) types. If your account is an SBS account, this guide explains how to prepare a bulk send list that incl...
Customize Envelope Titles with Recipient's Name or Email- DocuSign eSignature User Guide
Use the recipient role and merge fields to automatically insert the recipient's name or email address into the message subject. Create customized envelope titles ...
Requesting Electronic Notary Service
eNotary: how to prepare and send an envelope with a request for a notary to witness a recipient's electronic signature, and how to monitor the transaction process.
Require Recipients to Draw Each Signature - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
Formerly known as Sign in each location. You can set a recipient option to require recipients to draw all signature and initials in your document. This option is ...
Set a Signing Order- DocuSign eSignature User Guide
If your document has more than one recipient, you can choose to set a signing order. The signing order lets you control the order in which your recipients receive...
Apply Templates - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
You can apply templates to the documents you upload to DocuSign. When you apply a template, you add the template recipients, message, and recipient fields to your...
Bulk Send for Multiple Recipients - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
With the new and improved bulk send, you can define multiple recipients for each bulk send envelope.
DocuSign Identify - ID Verification Q&A
Identify is an open platform to connect any identification method to agreements. ID Verification is a DocuSign offering on Identify that automates the verificatio...
Why is the date signed field displayed as Pacific Time Zone (PDT)?
Explains why you are seeing a difference in the date signed on your envelope compared to what is in the History or Certificate of Completion
DocuSign EasySign User Guide
DocuSign EasySign is a simplified sending user interface that is focused on allowing you to quickly and easily start sending documents for signature using DocuSig...