How do I create a hyperlink in DocuSign

Recommended practice is to use Supplemental Documents for documents such as legal disclosures, terms and conditions or any document that should be viewed but not signed. In signing, supplemental documents are represented by an action strip, keeping them separate from the content that your recipients need to sign and reducing the complexity for viewing and signing. Recipients view and accept supplements before they can complete a document. For more on this feature see the Send Supplemental Documents guide.

To create a hyperlink custom field using #HREF Text field


  1. Log into DocuSign as an Administrator. 
  2. Select your Profile Menu. 
  3. Click Go to Admin.
  4. Select Custom Fields under SIGNING AND SETTINGS. 
  5. Click ADD FIELD.
  6. Enter:
  • Name: #HREF_DocuSignSupport
  • Type: Text Field
  •  Initial Value: { text for hyperlink } i.e. Visit the DocuSign Support Center
  1. Check: Required field and Read only. Optionally check: Shared ( if you would like others on your account to use this Custom Field )
Hyperlink Text Field Settings
  1. Tooltip: { url for hyperlink } i.e. 
URL in Tooltip
  1. Click SAVE.


You will create an envelope as usual. When tagging you will need to select the Custom Field panel on the left. Locate your hyperlink custom field and drag and drop on to your document. Using Custom Field

Note: If you need to have more than one recipient interact with the hyperlink, select the tag and click on Collaboration then select Recipients Can collaborate.
In this way the tag will still be interactive even for other recipients. Collaborative fields needs to be enabled for the option to be visible.


Here is what the signer will see when they receive an envelope with a hyperlinked custom field.
Signer experience
Once clicked singers are warned that they will be taken to an external website.

External Site Warning

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