Where do I find my Envelope ID?

The Envelope ID is located in several places depending on your role in the transaction.
  1. The Envelope ID is stamped near the top of your document.
  2. ​The Envelope History contains the Envelope ID. Select OTHER ACTIONS | View History.
  3. From the Manage tab, select the envelope, and click on the Envelope ID link, under the envelope's Subject. 
  4. The Envelope ID is included in the URL when viewing the document details. ( https://app.docusign.com/documents/details/{envelopeid} )
  5. Reports - The Envelope Report has the option to add Envelope ID as a Column. Once in the Reports Tab > Envelope Report, click Columns to Add Envelope ID.

    Important: If you are not an account Admin, you will only be able to report on envelopes you sent. See Using Reports for more information.

Note: The Envelope ID is a long unique identifier using the following format: 7e5bd754-357b-4f7b-b368-3ec2fc280b56

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