Bulk Send: How to Transition to Bulk Send v2

DocuSign eSignature is encouraging all customers using the original bulk send feature (v1) to begin their transition  to the enhanced bulk send for multiple recipients (v2). Bulk send v2 offers many great improvements and we will be deprecating v1 starting in August 31, 2021 with end of life scheduled for February 28, 2022.

This article provides more information about the transition to help guide you through the process.

What is changing?

Bulk send v1 is being deprecated in favor of the enhanced v2. Bulk send v2 offers the following functionality improvements:
  • Multiple recipients per bulk send envelope. Each bulk send envelope can contain multiple recipients; v1 supported just a single recipient. 
  • Supports additional recipient actions. Bulk Send v1 supported only Needs to Sign; with v2 you can select from a broader list of options.  
  • Supports envelope custom field values. Include envelope custom field data in your bulk send CSV list. 
  • Supports custom email and language settings. Specify a custom email language, subject, and message for each recipient in your bulk send list.
  • Customized sample bulk send CSV list. Generate a sample CSV file pre-formatted with the envelope and role recipient data defined on your template. Use the sample to construct your bulk send list. 

When will v1 be retired?

Bulk send v1 will be end of life after February 28, 2022. We are encouraging customers to begin their transition to bulk send v2 now. Support for v1 will end on August 31, 2021 and no further updates will be released. After February 28, 2022 templates with v1 bulk send recipients will no longer work. DocuSign Customer Support is available to assist you with questions or issues you may have regarding the transition. For assistance, open a support case through our Contact Support page

How does the v2 bulk send work?

With bulk send v2, you no longer upload your bulk send CSV list directly to a template. Instead, you:

  1. Prepare a template that will be used for the bulk send, containing the documents, role recipients, email message, and fields as usual. You can specify multiple recipient roles.
  2. Use the template to send an envelope.
  3. From the envelope, you download the sample CSV file, which will have all of the columns populated with your envelope set up.
  4. Fill in the CSV file with information for each envelope you want to generate for the bulk send.
  5. Import the completed CSV file to your envelope, verify the resulting bulk send entries.
  6. Send your bulk send envelope.   

How can I prepare?

Moving to the new v2 bulk send requires some updates to your bulk send templates and workflows. 
  • Convert any templates that use v1 bulk send to support the new v2 workflow.
  • Using a DEMO account, complete a test bulk send using the new v2 solution to ensure the process is going as you expect it to. Using a DEMO account avoids sending test envelopes in your PROD account and generating unanticipated charges. (If you do not have a DEMO account you can sign up for a free account on the DocuSign Developer Center using the Developer Account menu.)   
  • Update your bulk send workflows and any internal documentation. 

How do I convert my v1 templates to use v2?

You can easily convert older bulk send templates to use the newer v2 functionality. There are two steps to this conversion:
  1. Locate v1 templates in your DocuSign account. Search for templates with a recipient named "bulk recipient" or recipient email "bulk@recipient.com". 
  2. Edit v1 templates to add a role to take the place of the existing bulk recipient. Reassign all fields to the new recipient. 

Locating templates with a v1 bulk send recipient 

For detailed instructions on converting templates, see the guide How to Convert a Template with a Saved Bulk Recipient

Can I still use my existing v1 templates?

Yes, your v1 templates will continue to work during this transition period.  Later this year, v1 will be formally retired and you will no longer be able to send envelopes with v1 bulk send recipients.

Can I use a v1 bulk send list (CSV) with bulk send v2?

Once v1 is formally retired, you can no longer use a bulk send CSV in the old v1 format.  You'll need to update the CSV format to match the new bulk send v2 column formatting. See Bulk Send for Multiple Recipients for details on formatting your spreadsheet. 

Where can I learn more about bulk send v2?

Here is a list of key resources on the enhanced bulk send v2: