Place Fields
Add Fields - New DocuSign Experience
Add the fields that instruct each of your signers where to provide their signature, initials, or other information.
Field Types - New DocuSign Experience
Depending on your account plan, there are many types of fields you can add to a document.
AutoPlace - New DocuSign Experience
AutoPlace is an advanced field property that allows you to specify a string of text in your document or template for automatic placement of the field. Previously ...
Position Fields Using Location Coordinates
Field location coordinates can be used to get and set the precise position of a field.
Supported Fields and Properties for Offline Signing on DocuSign Mobile Apps
Understand supported tags (fields) and their properties for offline signing with DocuSign for Android, DocuSign for iOS, and DocuSign for Windows Phone
Automatic Anchor Text and Tags for Admins - DocuSign for Salesforce
Automatic anchor text allows text to be used in documents as a placeholder for signature, initial, and other tags for particular Salesforce Role Names.
How do I use multiple checkboxes with at least one required when creating a form?
It’s a common requirement to use checkboxes and in most cases you need to choose at least one of the checkboxes to get the process completed.
Apply Electronic Seals to Your Documents
DocuSign offers electronic seals to certify the integrity and origin of documents. For example, a company may apply an electronic seal on an invoice before sendin...
Place Fields - DocuSign for Salesforce
Using DocuSign for Salesforce, you can place fields for signatures and other information in documents.
Use Automatic Anchor Text with Custom Fields for Users - DocuSign for Salesforce
In addition to standard Automatic Anchor Tags, you can use automatic anchor text to place DocuSign custom fields in documents.
Field Types - DocuSign for Salesforce
A description of the types of DocuSign fields and their properties.
Why is Data Replicating in Multiple Fields? Using Data Population Scope
Data population scope works on an envelope or document level and is helpful for repeating content throughout fields with the same name or "data label".
Data Validation for Text Fields - New DocuSign Experience
If you need a specific type of information from your signer, data validation allows you to enforce a validation standard on the Text field. You can apply standard...
Field Properties - New DocuSign Experience
You set field properties to control the look and behavior of the fields you add to documents.
Adjust Field Size - New DocuSign Experience
You can adjust the size of some field types. If your fields appear very tiny on your document, here are some things you can try.
Collaborative Fields - New DocuSign Experience
Collaborative fields are useful when signers need to negotiate on changes to your document.
Calculate Values with Formula Fields - New DocuSign Experience
Use Formula fields to build formulas to calculate a value based on number or date fields in your documents.
Optional Fields - New DocuSign Experience
You can place optional fields for your recipients to consider. Most often, you want to use an optional signature or initial field.
Read Only Fields - New DocuSign Experience
For some field types, you can complete the fields and mark them as read only. All recipients can see the contents, but cannot modify the values.
Conditional Fields - New DocuSign Experience
With conditional fields, you can hide fields until the recipient makes an entry in your document that triggers the fields to show.
Custom Fields for Users - New DocuSign Experience
Create custom versions of standard fields and save them for reuse in future documents.
Rotate Pages - New DocuSign Experience
Rotate individual pages in a document.
Shortcut Keys for Fields - New DocuSign Experience
There are several shortcut keys available in the Add Fields view. These shortcuts provide an alternative to mouse control to perform common actions on your recipi...
Automatic Anchor Tags and Recipient Signer Roles for Admins - DocuSign for Salesforce
The default automatic anchor text used for different DocuSign tags, based on the Role assigned to a signer in Salesforce.
Edit Merge Field Settings for Users - DocuSign for Salesforce
You can edit the merge field settings for a custom tag from the DocuSign application Preferences section or from the Custom tag palette while adding tags to a doc...
Automatic Anchor Tags and Recipient Signer Roles for Users - DocuSign for Salesforce
The default automatic anchor text used for different DocuSign tags, based on the Role assigned to a signer in Salesforce.
Add Custom Tags with Merge Field Settings for Users - DocuSign for Salesforce
How to add a custom tag with merge fields settings to your document.