Place Fields
Field Types - New DocuSign Experience
Depending on your account plan, there are many types of fields you can add to a document.
Add Fields - New DocuSign Experience
Add the fields that instruct each of your signers where to provide their signature, initials, or other information.
AutoPlace - New DocuSign Experience
AutoPlace is an advanced field property that allows you to specify a string of text in your document or template for automatic placement of the field. Previously ...
Position Fields Using Location Coordinates
Field location coordinates can be used to get and set the precise position of a field.
Automatic Anchor Text and Tags for Admins - DocuSign for Salesforce
Automatic anchor text allows text to be used in documents as a placeholder for signature, initial, and other tags for particular Salesforce Role Names.
Issues with tagging in Internet Explorer
Occasionally, customers using Internet Explorer (IE) may experience issues when trying to drag and drop tags. To resolve this issue, proceed with the following st...
Why does this Text box pop up over my Data Field during Signing?
Why does this Text box pop up over my Data Field during Signing?
As a Sender, why am I not seeing any tags to apply to document?
As a Sender, why am I not seeing any tags to apply to document?
How do I format a date merge field in DocuSign for Salesforce?
Converting Salesforce a date field YYYY-MM-DD into format DD/MM/YYY or MM/DD/YYYY
DocuSign for Salesforce - Why am I losing leading zeros in numerical merge fields?
Salesforce drops the 0 from 0.16. This is an intentional design decision Salesforce has made.
Calculate Values with Formula Fields - New DocuSign Experience
Use Formula fields to build formulas to calculate a value based on number or date fields in your documents.
Add Envelope Custom Fields - New DocuSign Experience
Use envelope custom fields to categorize and identify your envelopes.
Unable to Create Merge Fields/Envelopes Not Writing Back
Reconfigure Login between Connect and Salesforce
How do I create anchored radio buttons in DocuSign for Salesforce?
When using DocuSign for Salesforce, how do I place a group of radio buttons using anchor text?
Shortcut Keys for Fields - New DocuSign Experience
There are several shortcut keys available in the Add Fields view. These shortcuts provide an alternative to mouse control to perform common actions on your recipi...
Rotate Pages - New DocuSign Experience
Rotate individual pages in a document.