**Legacy** DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce - Why am I losing leading zeros in numerical merge fields?

**This issue pertains to Legacy DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce.**


I have a Salesforce Number or Formula field with a decimal value. When I reference this value in a DocuSign merge field, the leading zero is removed.
Salesforce view of example field  DocuSign tagger view


Salesforce does not return leading zeroes on numerical values.


Format the number or formula field as a Text value. Note that this may have other implications, if you have a workflow that involves this field beyond DocuSign.
  1. Login as the Salesforce administrator
  2. Open the Fields menu for the object in question
  3. Click Edit next to the field in question
  4. Click Change Field Type
  5. Select Text (Note that Number's description explicitly states that Leading zeroes are removed)
  6. Complete the rest of the field details as appropriate.
    • If you are using a Formula field, you must change the Data Type to Text, then wrap your existing formula with a TEXT() parameter
    • For example, if the formula is currently ItemPrice__c * ItemQuantity__c, changing that to TEXT(ItemPrice__c * ItemQuantity__c)will suffice