Why is Data Replicating in Multiple Fields? Using Data Population Scope

Data population scope works on an envelope or document level and is helpful for repeating content throughout fields with the same name or "data label".  If you're sending or signing envelopes, and you are noticing that what you type in fields is being duplicated in another field on the document or in the envelope, and the fields seem "linked" then you're probably experiencing data pre-population scope.

When you set multiple data labels to the exact same value for fields of the same type, the field data becomes linked. This means that when the sender prepares the document or template and when the signer signs the document, an entry in any one of the linked fields is automatically populated into all fields with the same data label. This behavior is constrained by the data population scope setting for the account. This setting can restrict the replication to just linked fields within a single document, or extend to all linked fields in the entire envelope. The scope may be adjusted in DocuSign Admin, under the Sending Settings, and is called "Automatically replicate information in fields with the same Data Label"

Note: By default, data population scope is set to envelope. The ability to change this setting depends on your billing plan. If the setting is unavailable in your Sending Settings, please reach out to your DocuSign account manager or our sales team for assistance.

Steps to execute:
  1. Send an envelope from the New DocuSign Experience, as normal
    • New > Send an Envelope > Upload Documents, Add Recipients, Add Messages to Recipients as desired, Click "Next" 
  2. In the Tagging screen, make sure the Data Label names for the fields you want to repeat are the same in spelling and capitalization. You can copy and paste the name of one field into another in the box labeled "Data Label" that appears on the right-hand side after clicking a particular field. The field properties section will indicate when fields are linked, shown in the example below.
​​Data Population - Sending

Important Rules / Notes

  • ​Data Population Scope only works with Check box, Company, Text, Drop Down, Name, Note, and Title fields.. This is a passive feature that is always enabled and cannot be turned off. The only way to "turn off" or disable this feature is to make sure that each field on your envelope has a unique Data Label or "Name". 
  • Data Population Scope is set at the account-level to either:
Document: only applies to fields with the same Data Label for a single file / document
Envelope: applies to fields with the same Data Label for all files within each envelope
  • Scope cannot be narrowed down to the page level.
  • Read Only aka Locked fields do not support data population scope. You must have Read Only unchecked in order for this feature to work on the fields you're editing. (If you check Read Only, it will hide this field from the Document.)
  • If you are a Signer and the behavior seems unintended, please notify the Sender. The Sender can leverage the Correct action to adjust the field names and disable the replication. ​

Advantages/Use Case: 

Leveraging data population scope is a great way to speed up the signing process by duplicating their data throughout the document automatically. This can also reduce potential mistakes by the sender or signer. One common use case for Data Population Scope includes duplicating a signer's address or phone number on any form that has multiple places to enter the same contact information i.e a job application.


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