Why does this Text box pop up over my Data Field during Signing?


Why does this yellow text box pop up over my data field?


Possible Cause

The sender has set up a "tooltip" suggestion using the field property panel. This is a suggestion to help signers understand what data should be entered.


As a signer, you cannot change this property. 

If you are the sender and don't want to see the tooltip suggestion pop up, you can access the document you prepared and remove the tooltip value so that nothing shows up.

However, we advice using this field to tell the signers how to enter the information you have requested, such as the proper formatting for entering a Social Security Number, a phone number or an amount.

Learn More

  • "Field Types" Guide: Learn all the different types of fields you (as the sender) can add to collect data.
  • "Field Properties" Guide: Includes more information on how to find and use each field type's properties, for example: how to add default text in text boxes, how to set up data validation, and more.


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