How to set default font

Account-wide custom font

DocuSign Administrators can now set a default font account-wide. This will not override any custom fonts saved in Custom Fields.

Account Default Font

To set a default font for your account, use the following steps:

  1. Log into DocuSign as an Administrator and click the Admin tab from top banner across the main DocuSign page:
  2. Click on 'Sending Settings'.
  3. Under 'Fields and Properties' there will be an edit option for 'Default font for fields'. The default font is currently Lucida Console, Size 9, Black and can be set back to this default at any point in time.
  4. Once you hit ok, make sure to click 'Save'.

Custom font through Custom Fields

When a field is added to a document, you can also choose to set a variety of properties, including the font, size, or color for a text field. Once the properties are chosen, you can then choose 'Save as Custom Field'. This will save it so that it may be used multiple times without having to define the field properties each time for a new envelope or template. The Custom Field font properties can be different than the set account-wide properties.

Additional Resources