Sign Documents
DocuSign Essentials - Self-study
A team with the proper training, resources and skills is critical for a pathway to success. Learning resources for the Signer, Sender and Admin roles. Short bite-...
Common signing issues
We will explain how to resolve several of the common issues a signer can run into during signing a DocuSign envelope.
How do I make changes to a DocuSign document that I am supposed to sign?
To change the info within a document you need to sign...
Alternative Signing Method Security Code Access
Access documents with the 33-digit security code provided...
Signing Documents that Include Payments
Instructions on how to sign documents that include payment requests.
How to Sign on Paper (Recipient View)
How to Sign on Paper (Recipient View)
Supplemental Documents - Signing Documents That Include Supplements
Supplements are informational materials the sender requires you to view and accept in order to finish signing a document. Some examples of supplements are Terms a...
Sign a Document From Your Account - New DocuSign Experience
How to sign a document yourself, and then send it to anyone who needs to receive a copy.
Sign Documents in Your Account - New DocuSign Experience
From the Documents page, you can sign documents that are already in your account and awaiting your signature (status = Action Required).
In Person Signing - New DocuSign Experience
If you are meeting in person with someone, you can use In Person Signing to simplify the signing process.
Add Signatures to a Completed Document - New DocuSign Experience
For a completed document, to add additional signers or get more information from the original recipients, you'll have to create a new document.