Why does DocuSign request my location information when signing a document?

Do I have to share my location information with DocuSign?

Sharing your location information is a browser related setting that is not mandatory. DocuSign does not require that signers share their location information in order to sign a document; it is completely optional. 

Why does DocuSign request this information?

DocuSign includes geolocation information in the Certificate of Completion as part of the full audit trail of a document, though this is not required.

This information also allows DocuSign to display the 'Signed in Location' on a map. If enabled, the completed documents can link to a Google Maps Pin showing where the signing took place.

Note: The Certificate of Completion is a record associated with completed documents that identifies the sender, all signers, the date and time of signing, and if location settings are enabled, the location of signing.

How do I ensure my location settings are properly set up?

When signing a document for the first time, the browser will display a dialog box asking for permission to share your location. Simply click “allow” (or the equivalent, depending on your browser) to take full advantage of the geolocation functionality.

These links may provide information to help manage your browser location settings:

Google Chrome


Internet Explorer