How to disable location tracking during signing?


Your recipients are prompted to allow their browser to share/track their location, and you do not want this to occur.  

Possible Cause

DocuSign uses the geolocation options built into most modern web browsers to track the approximate location of where a signing ceremony took place. The accuracy of this location ranges from a few hundred feet to about 80-100 miles. This is an additional authentication method to help secure the validity of our signed documents. DocuSign strongly recommends against disabling this feature as it is one more layer of authenticity of the signature of our documents. Please see this article for additional information.


If the removal of this feature is absolutely necessary, this setting is changed in the Branding Signing Resource File. If your account does not have access to Branding Resource Files, please visit our Contact Support Page and create a case to request the feature.
  1. Have a DocuSign Administrator go to Settings from top banner across the main DocuSign page.image
  2. Select ACCOUNT > Brands.
  3. Select the brand you wish to modify. If you do not have a brand, create one by selecting ADD BRAND or UPLOAD BRAND.
  4. Under Advanced Configurations at the bottom of the page, select Resource Files.
  5. Download either the Signing master file or your edited Signing Resource File.
  6. Edit the file in an XML editing tool (Example: Notepad ++).
  7. Set the DocuSign_DisableLocationAwareness node to true (disabled).
  8. Upload the newly edited resource file under Signing Resource File:
    • If it's new, use the Upload button.
    • If it's replacing the old one, choose Replace from the vertical ellipses menu.
Custom Resource File.png 

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