Why do I get the error "In order to DocuSign, please upgrade to a modern browser" when signing?

The DocuSign's signing experience supports modern browser versions. If compatibility mode is enabled, users may encounter the following error when signing or accessing documents:

If you are using Internet Explorer and you encounter this error, disabling compatibility mode may resolve the issue.

To disable compatibility mode in Internet Explorer:

  1. From an Internet Explorer browser window, click the Tools icon, then click Compatibility View settings.

    Note: In older versions of Internet Explorer, press ALT to display the menu bar, click Tools, then click Compatibility View.
  2. Click to uncheck Display all websites in Compatibility View.

    Note: If docusign.net appears in this list, click to select it, then click Remove.
  3. Click Close and refresh the page.

If this does not resolve the issue, you may need to clear the cache and cookies for the browser.

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