I need an access code to sign an envelope. Where do I find it?

Envelope senders have a number of options to ensure the right person receives and signs an envelope. If the sender requires an access code, you cannot access the envelope to sign until you have the access code. The sender must give you the access code separately. It is not transmitted with the DocuSign envelope.

Note: An access code is different from the security code at the bottom of the DocuSign email. You use the security code on the DocuSign website to access documents that you have been asked to sign instead of clicking the View/Review Documents button within the DocuSign email.

To sign a document with an access code

1. Open the DocuSign email, and click REVIEW DOCUMENT.  This will open the page with the access code dialog.

User-added image

2. Do one of the following:
  • Enter the access code that the sender gave you and click VALIDATE. You have three attempts to enter the access code correctly.  Note: If you failed your authentication check by entering the incorrect access code three times, contact the sender to resend the envelope.
  • If you do not know the access code, click I NEVER RECEIVED AN ACCESS CODE to send a message to the sender telling them that you do not have the access code.
After you have entered the correct access code, you are taken through the normal signing process.


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