Sending and Signing with eHanko

In Japan, signers are accustomed to using a Hanko to represent their signature on paper documents. DocuSign Stamps supports eHanko functionality, allowing signers to upload and apply their personal Hanko to represent their signature on an agreement.
You can manage your personal eHanko stamps in My Preferences, in the Stamps section. If you don’t see the Stamps section, contact Customer Support to enable this feature.

Sending with an eHanko tag:
1) Begin by uploading your document and enter your recipient information.
2) Add eHanko by dragging and dropping the tag onto the document.
3) Click SEND to route the envelope for signature.

Signing with an eHanko tag:
1) Begin the signing ceremony by clicking the link to access your document.
2) Click on the stamp tag and you will be prompted to either upload your own stamp or choose from our library of common last names.

User-added image

User-added image

3) Click FINISH to complete the signing ceremony. Please note that eHanko will appear in the certificate of completion.