eSignature Sign Documents

DocuSign eSignature: How To Sign a Document
Watch this video to learn how to sign a DocuSign document after receiving an email requesting your signature.
Signing Overview - DocuSign Signer Guide
This topic provides an overview of how to sign and links to more in-depth signing topics.
DocuSign Signing FAQs
Answers to common questions from first time signers...
Signing System Requirements - DocuSign Signer Guide
This topic provides information on the system requirements for signing online.
Sign a Document From Your Account - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
How to sign a document yourself, and then send it to anyone who needs to receive a copy.
Alternative Signing Method Security Code Access
Access documents with the 33-digit security code provided...
Common signing issues
We will explain how to resolve several of the common issues a signer can run into during signing a DocuSign envelope.
How do I make changes to a DocuSign envelope that I am supposed to sign?
To change the info within a document you need to sign...
Advanced Offline Signing on DocuSign for iOS
Instructions on how to download envelopes to DocuSign for iOS and host an in-person, off-line signing session.
Going Offline and Online with DocuSign for Android
How to enable and disable Offline Mode in DocuSign for Android.
Advanced Offline Signing on DocuSign for Android
Instructions on how to download DocuSign envelopes to your Android device and host an offline signing session with in-person signers.
Can we delegate signature authority while someone is on vacation?
There are two options to distribute the workload and not hold up document completion depending on the specific situation: Delegated Signing and Signing Groups
DocuSign Identify - ID Verification Q&A
Identify is an open platform to connect any identification method to agreements. ID Verification is a DocuSign offering on Identify that automates the verificatio...
Signature Pads
The DocuSign Signature Pad option extends signing functionality to signature pads for DocuSign customers. The DocuSign Signature Pad option supports Topaz System...
Sign as a delegated signer
You can sign on behalf of another person to ensure that document signing can continue uninterrupted when signers are unavailable to sign.
Sign through an SMS notification
Senders can choose to send envelopes through real-time SMS notifications directly to your mobile device. SMS notifications let you quickly access and complete ag...
DocuSign University Expanded Virtual Enablement
DocuSign University is working hard to enable and help customers get up and running fast, quickly adopt, and maximize the benefits of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud...
Delegated Signing - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
DocuSign eSignature helps you get business done fast from wherever you are. But if you're not always available to sign agreements sent to you, you can set up a de...
Add information to documents
Learn how to use required and optional fields, signatures, attachments, drawings, mark up and comments to your document
Sign documents and verify identity with IDnow’s video service to issue qualified signatures
Learn how to sign documents with qualified electronic signatures (QES) using IDnow’s video identification service.
Sign with DigiCert QuoVadis - DocuSign Signer Guide
Get step-by-step instructions for signing a document with DocuSign and a DigiCert Quo Vadis certificates.
DocuSign Click Q&A
DocuSign Click offers a solution for capturing simple customer assent or agreement.
DocuSign eSignature for Word
Describes how to sign and send envelopes from within Microsoft Word