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How can I find an envelope in my account using the envelope ID?
Learn how to search for and locate the Docusign envelope in your eSignature account using the envelope ID.
Check Docusign envelope history | eSignature
Read this article to learn how to check an envelope's history.
How do I view the details for envelopes I've sent or signed?
Read this article to learn how to view details about envelopes you have sent or signed.
Why can't I access or view envelopes I've sent or received in the past?
Envelope filters can limit the list of envelopes seen in your account.
Can we delegate signature authority while someone is on vacation?
There are two options to distribute the workload and not hold up document completion depending on the specific situation: Delegated Signing and Signing Groups
How can I differentiate between Expired and Voided envelopes?
Learn how to tell if an envelope expired automatically, was voided manually, or declined by the signer.
Void or cancel a Docusign envelope
Voiding a Docusign envelope cancels all outstanding signing activities. You can void any of your sent envelopes that have not yet completed. You can only void env...
Voiding Envelopes in Docusign FAQ
Read this article to learn answers to FAQs about voiding Docusign envelopes. Voiding an envelope cancels all outstanding signing activities. You can void any o...
Why are envelopes missing from my inbox?
Learn how to search and filter envelopes in your Docusign Account.
How do I Correct or Void a completed envelope?
If you made a mistake on an envelope you sent, you can correct or cancel the request for signature.