How do I view the details for envelopes I've sent or signed?

You can see details on the routing, recipient actions, and status for any envelope that you either sent or signed.
For an envelope's complete audit trail, please review Envelope History and Certificate of Completion.

Envelopes list for basic status information

The Envelopes List, which you see on the Manage page, provides basic status for your envelopes.

  • Subject - provides the title of your document transaction
  • Status - specifies the current status of the document
  • Last Change - provides the date of the current status
  • To / From - lists all envelope recipients for envelopes you sent, or the sender for the envelopes you received

Envelope details for more specifics

Click on an enveloper in the Envelopes list to view more specifics.

  • Needs to Sign - The recipient has not yet signed the envelope.
  • Signs in Person - The In Person signer has not yet signed the envelope.
  • Copy Received - The email notification was sent to a cc: recipient. When the recipient views the envelope, the date is recorded.
  • Signed - The recipient has finished signing the envelope.
  • Needs to View - The recipient has not yet viewed the envelope.
  • Viewed - The Needs to View recipient reviewed the envelope on the date specified.
  • Auto Responded - The email notification failed to reach the intended recipient. Check the email address used and correct as needed.
  • Fax Pending - The recipient chose to sign on paper and return the document by fax. The system is waiting for the return fax.
  • Declined - The recipient declined to sign the envelope.
Note: When a recipient declines to sign, the envelope status changes to Declined and no further action is allowed on the envelope.