How can I differentiate between Expired and Voided envelopes?


How can I tell if a document expired automatically, was voided manually, or declined by the signer? Can I pull a list of recently cancelled documents to determine the reason why?


The document status will show Declined if it was cancelled by a recipient. The status will be Void if the document was cancelled by the document holder or reached the expiration period. To determine if a voided envelope was cancelled or expired, you will need to view the void reason.

  • To review a single document, you can check the Envelope History. A history entry of 'Declined' or 'Voided' will include any reason entered when the document was cancelled. If the document expired, the void reason will state "Envelope has expired."
  • To review several documents at once, you will want to use the Envelope Publish functionality. Envelope Publish allows a standard user to query all of their documents within a date range, and allows an administrative user to query all documents on the account. Note: Envelope Publish feature is only supported in specific plans. To access this functionality, create a Support case or your Account Team to upgrade your account.
  • If you would like to receive a regular summary of voided and expired envelopes, you can set up a Scheduled Report to automatically receive a spreadsheet of voided documents. Editing the columns of an Envelope Report will allow you to include the void reason.