Voiding Envelopes in DocuSign FAQ

Who can void envelopes?

Any sender can void an envelope they've sent that is In Process.

When should I void an envelope?

This can be helpful if an error that cannot be corrected was made in the envelope or signers / routing order.

What do signers see when I void an envelope?

Signers will be notified via email that the document has been voided. You can include a brief message with the email stating the reason for voiding the envelope.

Why can't my signer access the document I've voided?

Signers who have signed the document prior to voiding are able to access the document. It will display a large VOID watermark over the document. Signers who have not yet signed will be unable to access the document once voided.

I have multiple recipients, some of which have already signed. Can I still void the envelope?

You can void an envelope at any time if the envelope is In Process.

Do voided and deleted documents count as sent envelopes?
Yes. Once an envelope has been sentĀ for signature and it was deleted or voided for some reason, it will be counted against the total envelope count.

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