Cloning Envelopes in DocuSign FAQ

Who can clone envelopes?

Any sender can clone an envelope they've sent.

When should I clone an envelope?

Cloning is useful if you cannot correct an envelope or if you simply want to reuse the envelope. You can clone In Process, Completed, and Voided envelopes.

What do signers see when I clone an envelope?

It will be sent as a new envelope. Signers will receive new notifications to sign once the envelope is sent.

I made a mistake on an envelope, should I clone it and resend it?

You may not need to clone the envelope; you can correct errors in the routing order, recipients, tagging, or included documents if no signers have signed the envelope. If someone has already signed the envelope, you can void it, clone it, and resend it with the corrections included.

I want to resend the same envelope, but I want to change the signers and routing order, can I do that?

You can clone an envelope and adjust the signers and routing order without changing the tagging. You can also keep the same routing order and signers and add or remove any documents or tags.

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