System Issues
Common signing issues
We will explain how to resolve several of the common issues a signer can run into during signing a DocuSign envelope.
Error: Envelope or Account Activation Not Found
Explanation and troubleshooting for "Envelope or Account Activation Not Found" errors.
Why am I getting a payment failure?
Payment failure means that in between authorizing and charging a recipient, the card/bank account may have been canceled, expired, etc.
Why do I keep getting email reminders to Sign with DocuSign?
To stop getting email reminders - Decline to Sign or Complete Signing.
CoSign Client Issue with SHA-2 Code Signing Support
A patch which enables SHA-2 code signing support has not been installed on the impacted computer.
iFrame Embedded Session loads a blank
iFrame Embedded Session loads a blank, white screen or shows unsupported browser error (Internet Explorer)
DocuSign Mobile - Action Not Supported Error
Addressing the "Action Not Supported" error message in the DocuSign mobile app
Why won’t signature validate when sent to another computer
To properly validate signatures on workstations other than the one a document was sent from, access to the root certificate is required.