Use Templates

Create Templates - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
How to create a new template, or copy an existing template.
Add Documents - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
Add documents to an envelope. Upload the files for your recipients to review and sign. Add files from your local machine or a cloud storage provider, such as Goog...
Working with Templates - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
Templates help streamline the sending process when you frequently send the same or similar documents, or send documents to the same group of people.
How do I create a template in DocuSign?
Streamline your workflow by creating a template.
Edit Templates - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
You can edit any template that you previously defined and saved.
Use Templates - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
You can use your saved templates to start a new document.
Supported Fields and Properties for Offline Signing on DocuSign Mobile Apps
Understand supported tags (fields) and their properties for offline signing with DocuSign for Android, DocuSign for iOS, and DocuSign for Windows Phone
iOS - Offline Templates FAQ
Offline templates is that you download a template that has been completed previously on the web and complete the signing experience while offline.
Create a Salesforce Experience Cloud Envelope Template
You can build a Experience Cloud (formerly known as Salesforce Communities) Envelope Template and custom button. When senders click the Experience Cloud custom bu...
Create DocuSign Envelope Templates to Automate Your Signing Process
You can build an Envelope Template to automate your signing experience. Here are the types of envelope templates you can build: Default (standard) envelope te...
Print Driver FAQ
Common DocuSign Print Driver questions, issues and troubleshooting.
Sign with DocuSign as a Salesforce Experience Cloud User
This guide demonstrates the process for signing a document from a Salesforce record using a DocuSign custom button as a Salesforce Experience Cloud user.
Go to DocuSign - DocuSign eSignature for Microsoft Teams
How to go to your DocuSign account from Microsoft Teams
Use a Template - DocuSign eSignature for Microsoft Teams
How to use a template to send an envelope from Microsoft Teams
DocuSign Notifications for Microsoft Teams
Notifications from DocuSign that are displayed by Microsoft Teams
Envelope Template Options: Documents Step
There are many configurable options for the documents uploaded in the Documents step of the Envelope Template creation process.
Get Started with DocuSign Simplified Sending: Video Series
Watch this short series of videos to learn about signing, sending, and managing documents with DocuSign Simplified Sending.
Streamlining the Sending Experience
To bring customers closer to a simpler and more streamlined sending experience, we are introducing two minor changes to the sending experience.