Use Templates
Create Templates - New DocuSign Experience
How to create a new template, or copy an existing template.
Add Documents - New DocuSign Experience
Add documents to an envelope. Upload the files for your recipients to review and sign. Add files from your local machine or a cloud storage provider, such as Goog...
Working with Templates - New DocuSign Experience
Templates help streamline the sending process when you frequently send the same or similar documents, or send documents to the same group of people.
Use Templates - New DocuSign Experience
You can use your saved templates to start a new document.
Edit Templates - New DocuSign Experience
You can edit any template that you previously defined and saved.
PowerForms vs Templates
Compares the features of PowerForms vs Templates and explains the differences.
Bulk Send for Multiple Recipients
With the new and improved bulk send, you can define multiple recipients for each bulk send envelope.
Merging Duplicate Recipients - New DocuSign Experience
If you use multiple templates you might find you have duplicate recipients that you need to merge. This guide explains how to merge duplicate recipients.
Why can't I move or delete fields added from a template? - New DocuSign Experience
Instructions for unlocking fields on a template in NDSE
How do I apply multiple templates to the same envelope
How to apply multiple templates to the same envelope
Print Driver v2.x - Adobe Reader XI 11.0.14 - Template matching issue
Low template matching percentages due to PDF text being removed.
Where do I find my envelope ID?
How do I locate my envelope / document Id
Save an Envelope as a Template
Save as Template provides a quick way to make a template from a document you've already prepared. You can save any document you have sent or drafted as a template...